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We specialize in FCI pedigree working line Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. We are a working dog competition kennel. Our primary objective is to promote interest and activity in dog sports. Our K9 dog training and genetic breeding program includes working dogs for Schutzhund , IPO, KNPV, Personal Protection Dogs, Guard Dogs, SAR Dogs, Police Dogs and dogs for the home. Our dogs are physically and mentally sound and stable. We have an ongoing research training program with Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs.

We are in Samphran, Thailand 65 km from Bangkok. Please enjoy our site and visit often. See us on facebook

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Latest News

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    Initial Reflections and Observations on Training Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

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    Anthromorphism- A mistake in the making

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    We completed our IPO title trial

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    Thoughts on Issues and Approaches to Breeding

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    Some Information on the Origins of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog