Our Dogs : Malinois

  • Quinta van de Vroomshoeve PH 2
  • Date of Birth 2001-08-06
  • Gender Female
  • Breed Malinois
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Born August 6 2001

PH I met lof  PH II met lof and Object Guarding KNPV

Everyone has their favorite dogs, Senna is one of our favorites. Senna is one of best dogs we have had in over 30 years of keeping working dogs.

Senna lives in the house with us and is an active family member. She goes virtually every where with us. Senna is great at playing with small children and friendly with any house guest we have. She also does a great bark and hold on anyone who shows up that she does not know. Besides being a great house dog Senna is KNPV PH 1, PH 2 met lof, Object Guarding met lof, and came in third at Den Bosch in the Object guard ing competition a couple of years ago.

Senna is over 11 now, in her day she was one of our fastest dogs, her field work was flawless and she was ready to compete on a moments notice. Senna's pedigree is quite amazing coming from original Des Deux Pottois and Du Boscaille lines, with Elgos du Chemin des Plaines as a great grandfather and Sultano Van Joefarm as a grandfather.

video courtesy of Arrack's Home