Our Dogs : Dutch Shepherd

  • Blue van de Pioniershof PH 2
  • Date of Birth 2006-09-13
  • Gender Male
  • Breed Dutch Shepherd
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KNPV PH1 Met Lof PHII Met Lof

65 cm 35 kg. Very fast, very strong, great grips. Extremely calm and social, lives in our home and acts as a personal protection dog.

KNPV PH I and PH II met lof

Here is a video link showing "Lucky" at work
Lucky Protection


Blue with his daughter Muchee Honey Kroon van de Wolfsklauw Siam born on 29 June 2009 Picture 5 August 2009
The first appearance of the mysterious Super Dog at Siam Crown. He arrives just in time to stop the Evil Richard from taking over.
KNPV obedience, searching, guarding and protection
Our final version of the Epic Film "Super Dog of Siam Crown Returns". More effects, more flying, more Super Dog. Just as cheesy.
Lucky's Greatest Hits a Compendium