Our Dogs : Malinois

  • Nico van Fort de Hel IPO 3
  • Date of Birth 2006-01-08
  • Gender Male
  • Breed Malinois
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Nico is IPO III 98/86/96

Nico received his IPO III title on 16 December 2009 with a total score of 280 (98/86/96). Nico is medium size at around 63 cm and weighs around 31 kilos. He is agile, with excellent speed and a great grip. Nico is an extremely high energy dog with a strong will to please. Nico is also a proven stud dog producing excellent puppies in both character and appearance. Nico is very calm and social, he is also an exceptionally nice looking dog.

We will continue to train Nico as one of our main competition dogs.

Here is a video showing Nico doing his obedience work
Nico Obedience