Jeab (Uthen Nathanrom)

Jeab is a very experienced handler/ trainer. He has been active in numerous Schutzhund/IPO competitions.

Jeab has trained and titled numerous dogs through to IPO 3, and has passed his FCI IPO Helper/Decoy exam with a B certificate. He is a three time winner of the Kings cup Trophy in Thailand. 

Jeab handled Enrico v.d. Vroomshoeve at the 2009 FCI world championships in Austria.


Mike Selby

Proprietor of Siam Crown, licensed FCI/KCTH IPO trial judge, Mike has trained and titled dogs

in Schutzhund and IPO.

Rom Senakant

Manager and sensitive dog lover





Kennel Operations Supervisor



Lek Selby

Lek is pretty much in charge of everything